A Bit of History of Le Gourmand

 In the National Archives it is named after
the builder “La maison Pierre Demers”. Pierre Demers bought his lot of land in 1847 and built his house using fieldstones from the nearby quarries. The availability of stones in the area explains this choice of construction over wood beams and bricks which had already been introduced at the time.

It was in 1909 that Stanislas Portelance, a carriage builder and blacksmith, became its owner. Historian Brian Matthews reports that the blacksmith’s workshop was so tiny, horses entered it to be fitted one half at a time, hind half first.

The Portelance family lived in the house until around 1985 when it was sold and began its new vocation as a restaurant. Today, Stanislas Portelance’s descent is part of our treasured clientele.

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