Our Wine Selections

The approach to wine at Le Gourmand has never been pretentious...but we do dedicate a large part of our dining experience to wine. Whether it is the impressive wine selections or the number of available sommeliers on the floor at any given time, Le Gourmand is sure to offer a great experience to the beginner as well as the experienced wine aficionado.

The goal of Le Gourmand is to pair a variety of wines with our menus to create a harmonious balance of flavors and a choice selection for our patrons. We constantly introduce new wines while continuing to offer those that are favorites. New arrivals and our discoveries are added in order to create a different experience every time.

But it’s not all wine! Besides the wine menu, you may want to enjoy a martini cocktail, an aperitif or a digestive!

A Montreal Signature.
A Pointe Claire Landmark.
Superlative West Island Dining.