Executive Chef / Co-Owner

Co-owners and brothers, Kenny and Mike Oliphant established themselves as entrepreneurs when they purchased Le Gourmand Restaurant just over seventeen years ago, with one collective vision, to run the restaurant as if you were an invited 'favourite' guest to their home.

Mike embraces the French obsession with quality of product and the details of service. He is driven to achieve excellence from his kitchen, searching for flavors that are bright and robust while working with the finest local and international purveyors. 

Le Gourmand is all about the attention to detail ...and an experienced  staff ensures that every function exceeds your expectations.

Heading up the kitchen staff is Shawn Santo as Chef. Like many chefs to-be, Shawn began his career about 15 years ago as a summer job. Developing his passion for cooking under Mike's guidance, Shawn has demonstrated his own unique abilities and a promising future lies ahead.